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Dr. Samuel Meredith

Senior Pastor

I consider myself a blessed man to be chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ to have a dual assignment in the fields of education and ministry. As a child, before the age of 5 He put into my heart the desire to preach and conduct music. Almost every day I would ask my mother to tie my necktie and I would use a TV dinner stand as a podium to preach to my younger brothers. Every Sunday I would get behind the choir director while the choir was singing to conduct the choir.

I was blessed to have strong Christian parents who raised my siblings and me in church. I received Jesus as my Lord at the age of 12 and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit two weeks later.

After graduating from high school, I completed all three degrees in music education. I have worked as an educator and/or administrator in secondary and higher education. I am currently a music educator at a local high school.

In November 2007, God called me to preach and in 2010, I became the assistant pastor at a local church. On September 10, 2015, God told me to start a church by the first Sunday in October with a mandate to teach people how to financially prosper, His Way. By walking with integrity, obedience, and following His plan we will inherit/advance the Kingdom of God.

I enjoy reading books and spending time with my four beautiful children – Laila, Samuel III, Katelyn, and Michael.

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